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Mynd af Diana Muir
To Earn an American High School Diploma
Höfundur Diana Muir - þriðjudagur, 13. febrúar 2018, 10:13 fh

To earn an American High School Diploma, you must take: (Note: each semester equals 1/2 credit)

  • 4 credits of Language Arts
  • 3 credits of Mathematics
  • 3 credits of Social Sciences (Including Global Citizenship) (must take American History and US Gov)
  • 3 credits of Laboratory Science
  • 1/2 credits of Health ...
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Mynd af Diana Muir
Höfundur Diana Muir - þriðjudagur, 30. janúar 2018, 8:50 eh

Welcome to the One World School course portal where you can earn an American High School Diploma, Career Technical Certificate or Dual College Credit! 

1WS courses are designed for students around the world and offer the largest variety of online courses available to online students. Browse ...

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