Course Description:

In Digital Photography, students will learn the basics of photographic composition and lighting, the basics of using a digital camera and the basics of preparing a digital darkroom. Students will also learn basic color theory and the fundamentals of image processing. This course is designed for the student who has no background in photography.

Course Description

Computer Applications is a 36-week course with 10 units. Each unit takes approximately 3 weeks (15-18 hours) to complete. Students learn basic keyboarding skills, the basics of how to use a computer, word processing, spreadsheets, database management and desk top publishing programs using Microsoft Office.

Students also learn how to access the Internet for school and research purposes and to build their own simple web page using Microsoft Office and basic HTML. They learn how to use different search engines to locate information, how to use email, ftp (file-transfer-protocol), chat rooms and the different social aspects of the Internet. Students also learn about the origins and history of the Internet, how it is controlled and organized and what the future may hold for users of technology.